Inturpex Stamp and Cover Expo

1st Saturday Every Month

10am - 4pm

For your visual reference, this is what the Arcadia Masonic Center looks like. The Arcadia Library is next door and, Arcadia High School is across the street.

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Alex Borsodi founded Inturpex Stamp and Cover Expo 30 years ago. His passion led him to design covers like those below. A native of Hungary, he collected stamps from that region. Following his passing, his wife, Patricia carried on the tradition of hosting the show as, this was Alex’s wish. A year after Alex’s passing Patricia married Ralph Clarkson.  I am Mary D Swenson, Ralph Clarkson’s daughter, the next generation to proudly host this show.  I did not know Alex as much as a lot of our dealers and customer’s did however, I enjoy discovering the aspects of Philatelic operations. I look at stamps in a different way now and have started a small collection of my own.  I am proud to commence hosting our web site. To extend public awareness and attendance, as well as creating an avenue for dealers and customers, to have more information about Inturpex Stamp and Cover Expo.

Please bear with us as this is our first attempt at hosting our own web site. Should you have any comments please feel free to contact us. We apologize for any omissions and will strive to accommodate all requests as well as new features in the future.   

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Arcadia Masonic Center

50 W. Duarte Rd.

Arcadia, CA 91007

Inturpex Stamp and Cover Expo

1st Saturday Every Month

10am - 4pm

Mailing address

P.O. Box 660715

Arcadia, CA 91006